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Your Highness is wise (14th Dec 22 at 1:38am UTC)
Your Highness is wise
The people around originally saw Jing Zhaoyin crying and also followed the sad face all of a sudden did not hold back, burst out laughing. Jing Zhaoyin's old face turned red, and the cry hanging in his throat suddenly disappeared. The hand that wipes tears is frozen in the air, advance also is not, retreat also is not. The Duke of Lu was really a strange man. He didn't play cards according to common sense. In the past, there were not ten but eight officials who followed Jing Zhaoyin to investigate the case of the missing child. Jing Zhaoyin gave a sad cry, and they were sure to speak out to comfort him, such as "Lord Jing Zhao Yin loves the people like a son, but he feels so sad. It's really a thief who is too cunning to do anything about Jing Zhao Yin!" But what did the Duke of Lu say? This is the truth! As soon as Jing Zhaoyin cried, he did not know who was shirking responsibility, but who could tear his face to say that he was hypocritical, and only the Duke of Lu could do it. When Wei and Yan saw that Jing Zhaoyin had at least stopped crying, they just sat down and asked, "Whose child is it this time?"? What clues did the thief leave behind? As soon as the words came out, Jing Zhaoyin's mind was blank for a moment, and he quickly asked the person beside him with his eyes, which family's child? But only heard the noise outside, followed by the woman's cry, Jing Zhaoyin old face is a red, the women in his house one by one are not sensible, the critical moment to add trouble! He wanted to say something to drive people away, then saw a woman dressed in light red gauze rushed in, plump, snow-white skin against the red gauze more like congealed fat, beautiful and delicate face, but not serious. Lord! Our Yao son is gone! My concubine woke up and disappeared! The woman was Jing Zhaoyin's wife,304 Stainless Steel Wire, who was originally from the teaching workshop. She had a set of foxy kungfu and was very good at winning people's hearts. She also gave birth to Jing Zhaoyin's only son, who was promoted to be Mrs. Ping. Jing Zhao Yin was laughed at for a long time because of this, but she was still not ashamed and proud of it. Wei Heyan turned his head with an unpredictable expression. He didn't recognize Mrs. Ping, but he could guess that she was a female member of Jing Zhaoyin's family. Just think, not a family, do not enter a house, the same love crying. But Jingzhao Yin Yuefeng should not be low, how the family is still so embarrassed, the women in the house did not even have a decent dress. Jing Zhaoyin also did not care about Mrs. Ping's body exposed a large area of flesh, but the heart and liver are like gouging out, others do not know where the missing child went, he can not know? His obsidian! His lifeblood! He immediately let out a wail, patted his thighs and sat down on the ground, crying more sincerely than before. His face was covered with snot and tears, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and he cried. Wei and Yan looked at it carefully for a moment and then said, "Jing Zhaoyin cried more carefully this time. If you had cried like this just now, I might have believed you." The man on one side had a bitter face. He was really an evil star. Which pot does not mention which pot? Guogong! Guogong! You have to save the old minister's son! The old minister is such a single seedling! Count on him to carry on the family line! Jing Zhaoyin tore his heart and lungs and grabbed Wei and Yan's clothes, but taught him to dodge, and the hand that wiped his nose touched his clothes again, how disgusting it was. "How does Jing Zhaoyin expect me to save him?" Wei and Yan asked with some banter. Jing Zhaoyin still left a trace of sanity, dare not open his mouth again, for fear of pulling out the radish to bring out the mud, only a strong cry. Wei and Yan sneered, "Since Jing Zhaoyin hasn't thought about it, and he's not willing to provide clues, that's it. When he thinks about it, we'll talk about it. But we should hurry up, so that it won't be too late to get the child out of the well." Jing Zhaoyin is Mrs. Ping rushed up and shook Jing Zhaoyin's body. It's rare to cry like a shrew. Even if the beauty cries like a shrew, she is also a beauty. "Master!"! You can't ignore Yao! He is your own son! You have only one son! Jing Zhaoyin threw her away and said vaguely, "Do you think I don't want to save her?" People from inside to see something, Xu is Jing Zhaoyin is to know what, just do not say it. Jiang Suiyan was scolded in the Chenggan Palace, and let Xiao Changrui drive out, now everyone knows that your majesty does not like the new branch of the flower. Jiang Suiyan crumbled the note in his hand and felt it was inappropriate. He tore it into pieces and threw it into the lake to feed the fish. He was relieved.
Borrow this Jing Zhaoyin is definitely not able to pull out Zhou Xiang, he is crafty and crafty, and the fox becomes a spirit. Cut off his wings only to confuse his eyes, really want to surprise him, or his storage of food and weapons, but it is so tightly hidden that even he can not spy on the slightest bit of wind. Can only step by step, perhaps from Zhou Chunyin that can get some clues. Zhou Chunyin is just his chess piece, the relationship between using and being used. How can the chess player think about the chess piece? He admonishes himself like this, but only he knows whether this admonition works or not. How When Xiao Huayu saw Wei and Yan coming back, he quickly got up to meet him and asked, with some anxiety in his eyes. Wei and Yan nodded, "I guessed earlier that Jing Zhaoyin was in cahoots with the palace. It's true. The original child has been changed." He saw that Xiao Huayu looked uneasy, and then said, "You can rest assured that you can't hurt the life of Jing Zhaoyin's son. At most, you will suffer for a day or two.". His father has taken the lives of so many children, and it's not too much to teach him to pay for it. "When this is over, I have something to say to you." "What?" Xiao Huayu was stunned. I'll talk to you when it's over. It's not time yet. "So you're keeping me in suspense by saying that?" Xiao Huayu pursed his lips and pretended to be angry. Wei and Yan suddenly smiled and changed the subject. "Which day are the palace people going to dismiss?" "It was supposed to be implemented after the Qionglin banquet, but there was another incident, so it was delayed again and again. When the matter of Jing Zhaoyin was understood, it must be dismissed in time. I'm afraid it will take a long time. People want to change. It's another lawsuit. I don't want to cause any more trouble." Xiao Huayu frowned slightly and said that after a long time, it was really more difficult to handle. What about the toffees in the West Palace? Wei and Yan continued to ask her. Secretly tested their meaning. According to them, they were extremely willing to leave the palace, but they were afraid that the family would not agree. They were originally the concubines of the late emperor, and it didn't sound good to go out of the palace again. They were afraid that the family would feel that they had humiliated the family. Recently,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, I intend to recruit the life of women to enter the palace, ask them how to see, they also represent the meaning of the husband. 。
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