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Fist of Fury (14th Dec 22 at 1:38am UTC)
Fist of Fury
Sullivan Tyke, the son of Sullivan, the greatest bare-handed boxer in the United States, practiced primitive boxing that could be attacked by kicking, throwing and bumping in addition to fists. He was 1.75 meters tall and weighed more than 80 kilograms. It took him a long time to defeat Paul Bonnack, a famous French boxer, in the last round. Judging from the results of the two men in the last round, it seems that Huo Tingjue is much better than Sullivan Tyke. But Wang Zhidao saw the disadvantage to Huo Tingjue-endurance! Sullivan Tyke seems to be a fighting machine with great endurance. He fought tirelessly for three hours with his compatriot Jackson for the right to fight. Can Hottingjue last so long? So Wang Zhidao felt that unless Huo Tingjue could defeat his opponent in a short time, as he did against British boxer Zuo Ye, the situation would be favorable to Sullivan Tyke if it dragged on too long. Huo Tingjue undoubtedly understood this truth, so at the beginning of the game, he launched an attack first. He flicked his body forward and put his foot on Sullivan Tyke's chest and abdomen. Sullivan Tyke received this kick, but instead of falling to the ground like George, he took three steps back and stood firmly, which showed that he was much better than George in both resistance and balance. But Huo Tingjue's attack did not end there. When Sullivan Tyke was pushed back, Huo Tingjue had followed him like a shadow. When Sullivan Tyke steadied his retreat,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Hottinger swept his foot into the crook of Sullivan Tyke's knee. Sullivan Tyke fell to his knees. Then, with a slap, Hottinger targeted the back of Sullivan Teck's head. The back of the head is the most dangerous part of the human body, and if he is hit, Sullivan Tyke will definitely faint no matter how strong his resistance is. But Sullivan Tyke, kneeling on the ground,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, suddenly raised his right arm to protect the back of his head. As a result, Huo Tingjue's palm hit Sullivan Tyke's arm, which was only as solid as an iron rod, and the attack was ineffective. Sullivan Tyke began to fight back at this time. He was still kneeling on the ground, but his upper body jumped and his arms suddenly hugged Hottingjue's waist. He threw Huo Tingjue to the ground at once. Then. Sullivan Tyke cleverly twisted his body and rode on Hottinger's body, shaking his fist like a hammer. Blast at Huo Tingjue's head. Under the ring, many disciples of Fist of Fury could not help exclaiming, especially Xiaohui and Wu Xinlan, who were so nervous that their hearts almost jumped out. But in the ring, Hottingjue turned his head to one side, avoided Sullivan Tyke's punch, grabbed Sullivan Tyke's chest and arm, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, straightened his waist, bent his knees and hit Sullivan Tyke in the back, knocking him over his head. Then Huo Tingjue rolled a carp and turned it up from the ground. OK See Huo Tingjue out of danger. The audience could not help cheering. However, Sullivan Tyke quickly got up from the ground and formed a confrontation with Huo Tingjue. This time, Sullivan Tyke launched the first attack, but as soon as he approached Huo Tingjue, his fist had not yet been hit, and Huo Tingjue kicked the front foot in the face. Sullivan Tyke did not have the iron shin like a Thai boxer. He was kicked by Huo Tingjue. The pain made him take two steps back involuntarily, and the attack was immediately broken. Huo Tingjue took the opportunity to step forward again and stepped on Sullivan Tyke's heel. He hit Sullivan Tyke hard in the chest with both hands. Sullivan Tyke's heel was stirred, his chest was pushed vigorously, and his body immediately fell on his back and hit the floor heavily. OK The audience couldn't help shouting hello again. But as soon as he finished, Sullivan Tyke got up again and attacked Hottingjue again as if nothing had happened. With a bang, Hottinger punched Sullivan Tyke hard on the side of his neck, and then with a hook at his feet, Sullivan Tyke fell heavily to the ground again. But the result was the same. Sullivan Tyke got up from the ground again.
Under the ring, Wang Zhidao sighed, "Second Elder Martial Brother is too merciful. Why do you have to wait until the other side gets up to attack? If it were me, I would have jumped on him and strangled him on the ground!" Hearing this, Liu Zhendong stared and said, "How can you attack an opponent who has fallen to the ground? It's too immoral!" After a pause, he added, "But this American can really *** himself!"! It's strange that all the gringos are tough guys. Knock them down and get up, knock them down and get up again. "There are tough guys among the Chinese, and there must be tough guys among the foreigners," said Wang Zhidao with a smile. "But Sullivan Teck has nothing to do with tough guys. It's just that the Second Elder Martial Brother's strike power is not strong enough, or he doesn't strike hard enough to cause fatal damage to the other side." Xiaohui glared discontentedly at Wang Zhidao and asked, "Are you looking down on Second Elder Martial Brother?" Wang Zhidao immediately shut up and said, "Forget I said that!" In the ring, Huo Tingjue gradually felt bad, and he built up his agility and reflexes to knock Sullivan Tyke down at least six times. But every time Sullivan Tyke was able to get up and go on fighting, he started to get a little breathless. Huo Tingjue knew in his heart that if he did not hurry to knock Sullivan Tyke down completely, he would be exhausted, and the situation would be reversed by the tireless Sullivan Tyke. No, you can't lose! Never weaken the name of father and Fist of Fury! Thinking of this, Huo Tingjue was determined to make a tough move. When Sullivan Tyke came up again. Huo Tingjue kicked Sullivan Tyke's ankle, and when the opponent's attention was drawn, he bent his elbow forward,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and the tip of his elbow was aimed at a soft rib of Sullivan Tyke. With a snap, the rib was immediately broken by the sharp tip of Huo Tingjue's elbow. Then, Huo Tingjue turned his body and came to the back of Sullivan Tyke. He made a "double wind through his ears" and hit Sullivan Tyke's ears heavily with his palms. Sullivan Tyke's vision was blurred by a shock in his head. The blow did him a great deal of harm. But Sullivan Tyke's body shook a few times. But abruptly did not fall to the ground.
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