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Take the space to upgrade _ 202002 15155754. (14th Dec 22 at 1:38am UTC)
Take the space to upgrade _ 202002 15155754.
Despair and gratitude, affection and destruction, love to laugh, just think of these words, volcano? Earthquake? Volcanic seismic zone? Circum-Pacific volcanic and seismic belt? Love laughed and remembered that she seemed to have been taken to a place where she was born by the system that day. The system is generated by all kinds of complicated and complicated emotional rounds in the human world. So, is it possible that the upgrade of the second layer of the system is not just related to killing animals or saving people? Love to laugh and think, if my guess is correct, then the reason why I upgrade is because of Xiaolu's mother's gratitude to me, or the joy of Xiaolu's re-acceptance of people. In fact, Aixiao feels that during this period of time, he has done a lot of things that are not in line with his personality, just like saving people, saving Zang brigade, just a minor. Before getting the system, looking for the character of love to laugh, even if the minor is lovely and clever again, but, unexpectedly once wanted to put himself to death, love to laugh absolutely can't be so simple to forgive him, let alone contribute their own things to try to let him restore sober, after all, although there is a reason,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, although love to laugh is not received much harm in the end, but, do is do That is a fact that no one can hide. The person who does something wrong does not have much to do without a reason, that is, an inexplicable attack, even if that is the case, it is still a reason, that person is likely to be neurotic. Laughter doesn't want to become like a virgin flower that day. She is too considerate. In the matter of the path, Laughter didn't think about how to help at the beginning. Ai Xiao doesn't know if he should try to help Xiao Lu. If you can upgrade the system because of Xiaolu's mother,304 Stainless Steel Bar, it seems a little impersonal not to help, but even if you love to laugh and don't help, who knows that love to laugh is not ready to help rather than lack of ability? The brain that loves to laugh is dizzy. It's better to let everything take its course. If you should help, then God must come back and let you do something. Otherwise, it can only be said that Xiaolu's life will go on according to her established life. A while thinking, a while to that, love to laugh mind unprecedented confusion, only to the next morning, the small ring knocked on the door, love to laugh or lie in a daze, did not sleep even a minute of time. Love to laugh. Just listen to what I said yesterday. Don't take it so seriously. See love to laugh that big scary black eye, Xiaohuan thought it was yesterday to let love to laugh to help, then, love to laugh a leaf did not sleep on the reason for thinking about countermeasures, immediately said she would yesterday's words, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, although I want to be happy, can live a normal life, but after all, love to smile is a good friend for several years, but also will be a lifetime friend. Xiaohuan's heart is naturally biased towards the side that loves to laugh. In the face of kind-hearted people, in front of their own interests, they usually hesitate. What's more, Xiaohuan is not so kind, but happens to have a little sympathy. The heart is not hard enough. However, there are priorities, let the division of intimacy, Xiaohuan still knows. Hmm? The brain that loves to laugh is in a mess, and there is no previous ingenuity at all, or the function given by the system that loves to laugh has basically been thrown into Java under the imagination of a leaf. Now the love of laughter is half a beat slower than before the system was acquired. You'd better go back and have a good sleep, and forget I told you about the path. "What?" Love to laugh or not to react. I want you to go back and have a good sleep first, and you don't have to have a hard time with your own body even if you want to help the path. If you are like this, I will be beaten up by Xiaomei, and I'm afraid the man in your family will not let me go. Xiao Huan breathlessly pushed Aixiao back into the room. "Now, go back to bed. Then, close your eyes and go to sleep." Unbeknownst to Aixiao and Xiaohuan, at the time of their conversation, in a corner, stood a young girl who was also the protagonist of their conversation. And when Xiao Lu heard Xiao Huan say that she loved to laugh so that she could be happy and did not sleep all night, the autistic but kind-hearted girl's hot tears flowed down. Moved by tears at that time, moved by the love of laughter to her heart, moved by the world for her is not completely indifferent.
If Xiaolu knew that the real content in his brain the night before he loved to laugh was that Pai Shi would cry bitterly for his inexplicable touching today. However, that is only a hypothesis, now and never will know what Love Laughter thought that day, so a beautiful misunderstanding occurred, and Love Laughter did not do anything, after waking up, received a big surprise. Elder sister Love smiled at the girl in front of him, listen to the voice, look at the shape should be a path, but why this girl did not seem to be veiled, and, it does not look disfigured how serious ah, at most there is a shallow burn mark on the right cheek. In which originally very delicate face is not so obvious, anyway, in the eyes of love to smile, so the path looks like a beautiful woman. Path "Sister doesn't know the path?" Xiao Lu was a little sad, but for the sake of his sister, he managed to overcome the obstacles in his heart. After a year and seven months and four days, he took off his veil again and showed his true face. The path was so beautiful that I was stunned. "Sister doesn't know the path?"? Don't you think this scar is very ugly? Xiaolu's hand unconsciously touched the shallow mark on his chin. Why are you willing to take off your veil today, Xiao Lu? Instead of answering the question of going down the road, Aixiao asked a question that seemed as if he didn't want to do it. I heard the conversation between sister Xiaohuan and sister in the morning, and the path made her embarrassed. "You don't think there's any bad feeling about the path standing in front of your sister now?" Love to laugh and ask. What bad feeling? "Do you feel uneasy about standing with me at twenty?" "Why does my sister ask that?" "Xiaolu answered first," Aixiao took out a mirror from his bag. "Xiaolu, come here, stand with me and look at the mirror. What do you think?" Xiaolu went to sleep at the request of the smiling one,304 stainless steel wire, but he went to the smiling one, stood still, and looked into the mirror.
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