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The Millennium Sacrifice (14th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
The Millennium Sacrifice
She and the knights learned martial arts can be put to use, the blood is boiling, before has been with Glatt and their friendship, the fight is not very satisfying, today let her be presumptuous. Temple of the Sea. Mifiru pulled her sword back from a corpse. She found that magic could not deal with the enemy in front of her. The knights had thrown away all the cracking stones. She watched the once solemn and beautiful palace temple become devastated. She kept praying for God's forgiveness while killing the enemy. Hum! It seemed that all the people in the palace had been replaced, or they had all gone over to the enemy, and no one had left her as a princess. Mifiru stared bitterly at the man who commanded the soldiers. That face was the captain of the temple guard detachment who had died. What had Pusara done? The soldiers who had protected the royal family with their deaths had now become shameful traitors! When they fled, they seemed to have been watched for a long time, and no matter where they fled, there would be a large number of pursuers, some of whom were even her former guards! Along the way, he could only keep running forward, even if he wanted to seek help from other nobles. By the way, at that time, almost all the nobles and dignitaries were controlled at the banquet at Lestine's home. But now is different, in turn, they are the avengers, the traitors will not know, what is their strength now, they will not know, they do not want to come back secretly. The population of Verriel is only about one hundred thousand, of which the gods, mages, knights and guards all add up to less than ten thousand. According to the news these days, there are some Pusala troops stationed in the western part of Beijing, but only a few hundred, and all of them are ordinary soldiers, escorting the latest Pusala delegation. Even the good soldiers are not in the eyes of Xena and others. After all,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, the allied forces of various countries collected by the mainland of Sangis are absolutely the elite of the elite, and there are a large number of high-level mages following them, not to mention the legendary race that is deeply blessed by God and the growing trend of the Kansans. From the beginning, the queen and the old oracle were full of confidence. Yes, this time they take the initiative, such a strong team, can be repelled and defended, then let them play a big point. Lestine, didn't you say we were rebels? I'll show you! Hanna.. Giroux looked at the two men who were bathed in blood and fought more and more bravely. , is also secretly frightened, oneself go up probably also can't catch three strokes, Bo Gui Le. So let it go, O'Mir. The general of the holy wheel is known as a warrior. How can even the charming princess be so ruthless? The Princess Guard lives up to its reputation. This team has never heard of them going to the battlefield, but if every daughter has such skill and participates in the war. Surround them, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, archers ready! "Your Highness, business is important." As soon as he heard that the archers were ready, he felt so bad that he grabbed Mifiru's arm, and the girl's eyes were red. Go and find Your Majesty. Mifiru answered, twisted his body and jumped up. The general of the holy wheel gave a low shout. He caught the princess's feet on his right shoulder and surrounded her far away. His body moved with the thin line on his arm when Mifiru jumped up. He was quickly pulled into the air and got rid of countless enemies together. Hurry up! Let go of the arrow! Don't let them get away! Han Na drank a lot. A few arrows swished out and fell through the air. "Why is it so slow?" He cursed! The aim is too bad! "My Lord, the archers have all been taken away by Lord Claudy. We are only temporary." “…… Go after me! The voice was a little exasperated. As soon as Mifiru and Beauquelle landed, they lowered their bodies and jumped out of the lakeside tree. "Get in the water." Dive silently into the frozen water, with only tiny ripples. The princess gritted her teeth in pain. I, I threw the gem out as a crack stone. She was so sad and cold. This girl! Poiguele was about to hand over his flame gem, helpless to the carelessness of His Highness Mifiru. But I heard someone whispering overhead. Your Highness! Your Highness! Both of them felt numb. Mifiru looked up and saw a young man looking at them from the tree.
"Vitz?" Hurriedly pressed the hand of the beauguile, "this is the junior oracle of the temple of the sea God, he is not, should not be a traitor." "Your Highness Mifiru, swim down from here, there is an undercurrent that leads to the altar of the sea God, where there is something that you can only fetch.." The screams outside the temple came to Xena's ears, and the little girl was holding the enemy back for her, but she was confused in the temple of the Father. Breath, but can not find the source. Yes, as long as Your Majesty is in the palace, in the royal capital, the glory of the chariot of the gods will shine on Li'an, so he must be in the palace, but where is it? "Your Majesty, what are you looking for?" Winter, wearing a monocle, turned out from behind the hall column and stared at the Queen with shining eyes. You can't run away before our battle is over. Hey, the queen of Lian, in a certain population, is known as the hidden first warrior of Lian. If you defeat her, you will have a greater sense of achievement than defeating this country. Xena looked askance at the young man. Overreach oneself. Leaving Luo Sunset's side, the invisible magic gradually failed, and the queen's outstanding posture suddenly appeared. Today's young people, not her little girl, with a large number of troops to intercept her is reasonable, want to capture and kill themselves. You think you're that Edmond boy? It makes one want to laugh. The queen. Your Majesty? A few hesitant voices rang out, but it was the angry priests of the Temple of the Father who chased Winter to the side temple and were surprised to see Xena, whose magic effect had disappeared. But they soon filed a complaint. Your Majesty, look at the thieves of Pusala! Not only did they occupy the most prosperous street market in Verrier, but they also used the palace as a military camp, disturbing people day and night! Just now, just now he killed the oracle of Trien! "Your Majesty, you must punish the hooligans of these fierce beast countries. You received their ambassadors a few days ago, but these guys don't speak of etiquette at all." "Shut up!" Winter's eyes showed a fierce light, and when he raised his hand,Magnesium Sulphate producer, his sword breath came out! Xena was furious! The boy dared to kill the wizard in front of her, and with a flash of his body, he protected the still chattering gods and met Winter's murderous look.
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