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Online Games: Raging Death (14th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
Online Games: Raging Death
Everybody also knows almost, Liu Yunfei beckons Yue Rujiao to prepare to gather. This little thing and Starscream have been crying into tears, I do not know who thought they were bullied. Before he left, he also said confidently to the maniac, "Why don't we make a bet?" "What's the bet?" Kuang became interested in the moment. Liu Yunfei said, "Why don't we bet on Starscream? If I win this time, Starscream will be taken away by me, and she will leave you automatically.". If you lose, I'll join you. I'll do whatever you want me to do. How's it going Crazy eyes became strange, sweeping the appearance of the red spider strange smile to Liu Yunfei: "So you are good at this." Liu Yunfei stared and found that his words sounded like this. But crazy to know what Liu Yunfei really wants to express, it doesn't matter to answer: "I don't mind making this bet, question." Can you win? "Try it and you'll see." Liu Yunfei looked at him confidently. Now that he knew why Starscream had come to serve them, the poor woman was going to settle down. Volume VI National Hegemony Chapter 853 Bold Declaration of Love Qisuu. Com: 2011-12-17 15:10:41 Number of words in this chapter: 3212 Before the official start of the competition,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the young and beautiful girls on the stage danced happily to warm up the atmosphere of the venue. Liu Yunfei found Zhu Ziyun in the crowd and found that only Rouge Blue was not there. Liu Yunfei leaned over and asked Zhu Ziyun strangely, "Where is Sister Lan?" Zhu Ziyun toward the backstage direction Nu Nu mouth, Liu Yunfei saw Rouge blue is talking with several boss image characters. In this case, he can not go up to disturb him, and everyone find their own positions to sit down and wait for the start of the game. Zhu Ziyun also asked Liu Yunfei about Yue Rujiao just now. Liu Yunfei remembered that Zhu Ziyun was filming outside during that time,potassium sulphate fertilizer, and he didn't know much about Starscream. Just take this opportunity to talk to her about what happened that time, so that she was amazed. I didn't expect so many things to happen when she left. It was also Yue Rujiao who was silent a lot after she came back. She felt that Yue Rujiao was very pitiful in this matter and had completely become a victim. Liu Yunfei also saw that Huang Fang was trying to comfort the little sister and said to Zhu Ziyun, "I made a bet with them that if I won the game, Starscream would be free and would not have to listen to their orders." "Is that good?" Zhu Ziyun worried about the identity of Starscream, feeling that the surface followed them, the heart is still there, but it is very dangerous for these people. She is a good person and I believe her. "All right." See Liu Yunfei said so confidently, Zhu Ziyun is not good and Liu Yunfei sing a different tune. At the worst, when the soldiers come to block, calcium nitrate sol ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, there is always a way to solve it. When the competition officially began, the dancing girls stepped down from the stage and a girl came on stage to be the master of ceremonies for the celebration. Hello, everyone, do you know me? Tell me who I am. As soon as the girl appeared, she immediately burst into a frantic cry, shouting in unison: "Yu Feifei!" The deafening cheers almost lifted the ceiling of the stadium, proving the popularity of the big star among the people. Yu Feifei smiled happily on the stage and said: "The friends who came here today are so enthusiastic.". This time, I was invited by the game official to be responsible for the whole process of the competition. Do you want to get a 5 million bonus? Do you want to go out with me for a day? Try to win the championship of this competition! I'll wait for you! When Yu Feifei came to the stage, the cheers were constant. If it wasn't for the security guards, several over-enthusiastic spectators almost rushed to the stage to ask her for an autograph. Yu Feifei turned a blind eye to this, but showed an apologetic smile to the audience who were stopped back, and told them not to be so excited with a smile. He also took out a card and read out the sponsors of the competition, as well as the arrangement of the competition and the matters needing attention. Now Liu Yunfei has basically understood before the game, looking at the audience and observing who is coming today. It was also under the command of Feifei that the top 32 individual players and teams appeared on the stage one by one. The appearance of Zhu Ziyun, Yue Xinran, Lin Qin and Su Mei made the audience burst into cheers not weaker than when Feifei appeared on the stage.
In particular, Zhu Ziyun's appearance was completely crazy, and many people recognized that this was the showgirl who appeared in the promotional film and disappeared from then on! Yu Feifei did not expect to have this unexpected character on the stage. She seized the opportunity to talk with Zhu Ziyun and said: "Zhu Ziyun seems to be called Strawberry Milkshake in the game, right?" "Well, yes." "But I'm not mistaken. Strawberry Milkshake seems to be the girlfriend of a violent bandit. Is that you?" "No." Zhu Ziyun answered with a smile. Yu Feifei was stunned and did not understand why she was denying it here. Zhu Ziyun continued with a smile: "It's not a girlfriend, it's a fiancee.". I'm engaged to him. She showed the camera the diamond ring on her middle finger. Liu Yunfei chuckled off the court, but he didn't expect Zhu Ziyun to wear the ring this time. No wonder she dressed up for such a long time and kept her hand in her pocket after going out, which was rare in normal times. Zhu Ziyun smirked at Liu Yunfei on the stage, as if she wanted millions of viewers in front of the TV to be happy for her. There was also a burst of regret off the court, and I felt sorry for the news. Yu Feifei is indeed a big star in the entertainment circle. She quickly reacted from this incident and said to Zhu Ziyun with a smile, "I respect you for getting married with your lover. So you suddenly quit the entertainment circle because you want to get married?" "Yes." Zhu Ziyun frankly admitted, "My family does not like me to appear in public outside, and I also dream of becoming a full-time wife, and now the dream has come true.". I am very happy. Yu Feifei did not expect Zhu Ziyun to be so bold, making a declaration of love directly in front of the camera,Magnesium Sulphate price, telling all the audience that she belonged to him in her life, and even willing to give up her chance to become famous for that man. Yu Feifei did not know why she was a little jealous of the girl. She was jealous of her happiness and easy satisfaction. She also asked her, "So did your one come to the scene?"? Can he come up and show us? Zhu Ziyun snickered: "Then let all my fans go after him?" 。
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