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Lord of Beggars' Sect-Gu Long _ txt Novel Paradise (14th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
Lord of Beggars' Sect-Gu Long _ txt Novel Paradise
Huang Shu bowed his head and said, "I don't know about this subordinate, but it's true, and the thieves have gathered in Yangzhou." "The thief is in Yangzhou, not necessarily to trouble us!"! Where did your news come from? "This is what the Yellow River Hero himself told his subordinates, so his subordinates galloped back to the chief rudder, because they learned that the Sect Leader was not here, so they found him.." Luo Changda's voice changed the calendar: "We have a secret appointment with the deputy leader of the exhibition. How do you know we are here?" "My subordinates followed the trail and went to the foot of the mountain. Someone said that they saw the Sect Leader enter the mountain with their own eyes, so we came up to try our luck. Unexpectedly, we really found him." Ordinarily, the words of the Great Hero of the Yellow River were very credible, because apart from being praised by his peers, he was also careful in his work. Luo Changda asked again, "Why did the Great Hero of the Yellow River judge that the Western fairies were going to attack our gang?" This time Fang Anjia said, "The Great Hero of the Yellow River only said that he had received very reliable information and told us to be careful."! And the Yellow River Hero is the elder brother of Lord Huang (the brother of the same grandfather is called the brother), so it is not expected to catch the wind! With a jump in her heart, Zhan Yuyi blurted out, "Sect Leader, if the Western fairies have the intention of invading your Sect, the Sect Leader must go back and deal with it as soon as possible. As for your appointment with me, you can set another date." Luo Changda said thoughtfully, "Of course, but isn't Vice Leader Zhan also interested in seeing the means of Western fairies?"? Why not go together? Fang Anzhong immediately said, "The Beggars' Sect in the world is one family. Youyou is in trouble. I hope the four seas will draw their swords to help." Spreading jade wings originally intended to meet the western fairies for a while, and then being squeezed by them,Magnesium Oxide price, they did a favor. At that moment, the four of them went down the mountain together, found a horse at the foot of the mountain, and then let the horse gallop east. In the saddle, spread the jade wing mood unexpectedly can not calm, this is for the public to scold private, is for justice, or for the children's love, he simply can not distinguish. Think of the four words of children's love,Magnesium Oxide price, spread the jade wing heart like being stabbed, like knocking over a bottle of schisandrin. The Beggars' Sect of the Four Seas is a gang of justice. Can you love the Devil and the Western Fairy by spreading your wings? She can command the world's underworld masters, will take a fancy to themselves? Moreover, he was not sure whether he was in love with her or not, but knew that he was eager to see her in his heart. The chief rudder of Youyou Beggars' Sect is located in the city of Suzhou, which is known as a paradise on earth, but Luo Chang stopped after he arrived in Yangzhou. In addition to the chief rudder in Suzhou, the Yangzhou branch of the Youyou Beggars' Sect has the largest rudder and the strongest strength. Therefore, this place is a gold selling nest. Salt owls, beauties, mellow wine, and casinos can be seen everywhere. Naturally, there are more beggars than elsewhere. The Yangzhou branch is located in a self-owned courtyard. From the outside, you can't see the "Jianghu flavor" at all. Although the people who come in and out are dressed in rags, they behave in a gentle manner, which is unexpected. The Juyi Hall was simple in layout, but very spacious. After the two sides sat down, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Luo Changda said, "We have ten businesses in Yangzhou, so the situation here is better than that in Suzhou." Show jade wing to be interested very much, busy ask: "What business does your gang run here?" "Some sell cakes, some sell wine, some sell ready-made clothes, some sell Rouge and gouache, and some sell medicine. This kind of medicine has a very good business and a high profit." "What is it for?" Huang Shu said with a smile, "Prostitutes in Yangzhou are world-famous, and they have a lot of clients. They sell medicines related to this aspect. They are very popular. One is for curing visceral diseases, and the other is for aphrodisiac.." At this point, both the host and the guest burst out laughing. Selling this kind of medicine really has a business eye. Fang Anjia said, "But the medicine we sell does have a miraculous effect. It's a secret recipe provided by one of the brothers in the gang. Otherwise, we won't have a long-term business." The two sides chatted for a while, and Zhan Yuyi saw that they looked a little anxious. Knowing that they had something important to discuss, he said, "Master Luo, I still have some friends in Yangzhou. I'm going to pass by this time, so I can't help visiting them. I won't bother you tonight. I'll come back tomorrow morning." Luo Changda did not ask him to stay, but personally sent him out and waved goodbye. When Zhanyu Wing came to Yangzhou, he naturally went to find the most powerful salt owl here, Shi Peiran, the "Lion King in the Snow".
Although Shi Peiran was in the underworld, he was very loyal. He avenged his family on Zhan Yuyi and made a lot of efforts. A while ago, he drew his sword to help him in Hefei and resisted the Tongtian Beggars' Sect. It was reasonable that Zhan Yuyi did not go to talk about the old days, but also had to thank others. Shi Peiran was so rich that he was not surprised to get any gifts for him, so he bought two jars of old daughter red and took the second child to the teacher's house. Shi Peiran went out and did not return. Fortunately, his assistant Qian Zhongheng and his counselor Zhou Ming were both at home. Both sides were overjoyed when they met. Qian Zhongheng welcomed him in and ordered his men to find Shi Peiran and prepare food and wine. Before long, Wei Ch'ing, the third brother, and Yang Ming, the fourth brother, had already heard the news and rushed back. When they met, they said, "I heard that Brother Zhan has become the vice leader of the Sect today. Let's congratulate you tonight." "The vice leader has brought his own wine," said Zhou Ming. "He's going to drink with us all night." Qian Zhongjie asked, "Brother Zhan, are you passing by this time or are you here to visit us?" "To tell you the truth, I'm passing by. I'm ashamed to say that I heard earlier that the Western fairies are bringing people to Yangzhou. I'm really worried about you. Just because I have something to do, I told a good friend to inform me.." "But a man named Zheng Wo Chang?" Asked Yang Mingming? After he reported the news, he left without even taking a sip of wine, saying that it was urgent. Are you in trouble, brother? "Yes, it's a little troublesome and a little injured, but now that the rain has cleared up, has the devil of the Western Fairy come?" Zhou Ming said, "After we got the news, we made a secret investigation, but so far there has been no trace of it. I don't know where the news of the vice leader came from." Only then did Zhan Yuyi repeat what he had accidentally heard from the Tianshan Three Beavers and Suo Changsheng at the City God Temple in the middle of the night: "What are they doing in Yangzhou? Apart from you, who else in Yangzhou is worth her trouble?"? But at that time, the younger brother sent Zheng Wo Chang to report the news, but he was afraid of'sweeping away thousands of troops' Lu yuan's idea of hitting you. Zhou Ming said, "This incident also reminded us. As a result, a ship escorting illegal salt was completely replaced,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and many experts were placed. The second brother and the third brother personally escorted the battle, while the fourth brother opened the way on the shore. The result was that they had a safe journey, but it is not known whether they knew the opportunity and retreated." 。
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