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False dreams and true tears (14th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
False dreams and true tears
Of course, Xiao Deng answered very well: "It's a great honor." The syntax is actually not very reasonable, but Auntie's ears are hard to hear. Ms. Yao was witty and talkative, but Xiao Deng never heard anything from her mouth. The topic always revolves around the anecdotes of Shaoshao's childhood and Hong Kong in the early 1950s. Xiao Deng is never tired of these two subjects, and he loves to hear them. For example, "The first time I took Shao Shao to Repulse Bay to bathe, she was only seven years old and had no swimsuit and refused to go into the water. In order to surprise her, I took out a seersucker bathrobe from my travel bag. She was very happy to see it. It was left over from my colleague's daughter, but Shao Shao didn't know." From these stories, Xiao Deng can also learn the bitterness of a single-parent family, and the life of mother and daughter is not rich. Xiao Deng is more gentle to Shao Shao for this. He always wanted to get married, but Shao Shao said, "Give me five years. If I do nothing, I'll get married right away. I hope I can make a name for myself." Xiao Deng asked grumpily, "At this time, should I stand or kneel?" From the beginning to the end, Xiao Deng knew nothing about his aunt's life experience. He only heard Shao Shao say that his grandfather lived with his uncle in San Francisco, and the two families had no contact. Why? "Because Grandpa objected to my mother marrying my father." Shao Shao explained. Is there another story about three high fives? "Xiao Deng, will you do that when you have a daughter in the future?" "Oh, young lady, the previous generation was blessed with four sons and three daughters. Any one of them who was not obedient would be driven out of the house. There were still five or six left. Modern people would give birth to one or two at most. They would be driven out and die alone. Who dares to do that?"? Love me,dap diammonium phosphate, love my dog. Xiao Deng still doesn't know what happened to the Yao family in the early years. However, Shaoshao's childhood may be very lonely, there are no children of the same age to play with her. The silver photo frame was bought back, and the two photos were placed in a prominent position. Deng Zhineng asked, "Haven't you seen a picture of your father all these years?" "When I was young, I didn't know how to ask questions. By the time I was eleven or twelve, I knew that I shouldn't ask many things. When I was in my twenties, I didn't want to ask." "Not curious?" Xiao Deng is very curious. Shao Shao looked at him. "Who would be curious about his own affairs? People are often curious about other people's affairs." Unexpectedly,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Xiao Deng became serious. "Your business is my business. It's not much." On that weekend, Ou Shaoshao cleaned up his mother's room, opened the windows, circulated the air, and planned to find someone to repaint it. On Monday, there will be a regular meeting early in the morning, and Shao Shao will go to bed early. After eighteen or twenty-two, I would rather watch less plays, drink less, and have more rest time. When she lifted the thin quilt and got into bed, she heard a cough. Shao Shao does not think this is her suspicion, perhaps, a certain frequency of voice, only loved ones and relatives can hear. She looked up. "Mom, do you have something to say?" There was silence. Mom, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, you know I'm never afraid of the dark. Shao Shao got out of bed and walked gently to his mother's room. When he entered the door, he kicked a small hard object with a sound of "Zheng". Shao Shao hurriedly turned on the light and looked down. It was two keys. I rummaged through boxes and baskets this morning and fell out of nowhere, but I didn't notice it. What kind of key is this? I saw a small sticker on the handle of the key, No.3057, East Asia Head Office. Shao Shao suddenly realized that this was a key to a bank safe deposit box, and it seemed that his mother still had valuables. Shao Shao put away the key, and that night she heard no more strange sounds. When Deng Zhineng saw the key, he was very incredulous. "When I left, I looked everywhere. Where was the key on the ground?" "Doctor Deng, there are always times when people are wrong." Xiao Deng was silent for a moment. "The most urgent thing at the moment is to open the safe." That afternoon, Shao Shao contacted the bank, brought all the documents, and opened the safe through the manager. There was only a big brown envelope in the small box, which was not sealed. Shao Shao reached in and pulled out the paper inside. He was stunned. She has a feeling of unreality. So he took a look and handed it to Deng Zhineng. It was a birth certificate issued by the Hong Kong Government. The paper was so fresh that it had never seen the light of day. To be more precise, it is the birth certificate of a woman. The first column on the paper was printed with the surname: Xu and the given name: Shaoshao.
The second column is gender: female, the third column is the date of birth, the fourth column is father: Xu Xuhao, mother: Yao Xiangru. Shao Shao raised his head and asked blankly, "Who is this?" Deng Zhineng looked at his girlfriend, "your birth certificate?" "I don't have a birth certificate. I once told you that I was born in Shanghai. When I was three months old, my mother carried me south. I went to primary school by oath paper, so I didn't have a Hong Kong British passport. I used a small green book." Deng Zhineng asked again, "Do you have any sisters?" "I'm sure I don't, but I wish I did." "Then," said Deng Zhineng, "my conclusion is that this Xu Shaoshao is you, and you are Xu Shaoshao." "Big Mouth, don't you want Wu to do it?" Shao Shao was angry. "My father's surname is Qu, and his name is Qu Yongliang!" Deng Zhineng looked around. "Let's go home and talk about it." "There is no need to talk about this subject any more." Shaoshao locked the birth paper again. But her hands trembled slightly. Back in the company, the tongue is burning and the lips are dry, satirizing the boss, reprimanding the subordinates, and saying in a harsh voice to the reporters who are still drilling at the beginning of the meeting: "Sit down!" Then I saw myself in the mirror of the bathroom, and a muscle under my left eye was shaking gently. If Xu Xuhao is her father, who is Ou Yongliang? In the evening, as the Legislative Council was still in session and the press room was busy, Shaoshao's mood calmed down. It doesn't matter who the father is. She was an adult, she had an established identity, she had her own social circle, she was ready to get married, and most of all, she lost her father when she was two years old, and she had no impression, knowing that the loss was irreparable, and she had already opened her arms. This is clearly the previous generation, and it has nothing to do with her. For her, the most important thing is to do a good job. Thinking of this,caustic calcined magnesite, she read the press release with golden eyes. Looking up, he called Deng Zhineng at ten o'clock in the evening. Dr. Deng was in the emergency room and had not yet got off work. Shao Shao, sit down.
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