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Space cannon fodder for survival - Posted By Rinmimikashichifu (rinmimikashichifu) on 5th Dec 22 at 5:34am
"Okay." Lyle smiled meaningfully. "The relationship between him and you is as pure as it is between us." Sometimes this kind of thing is more and more black, she simply continued to read the book: "Do not tell you, later you will know." "No, how boring I am to sit like this." Cried Lyle. Read books when you are bored. There are so many books in the library. Her eyes were fixed on the book. Really don't talk? In fact, this guy looks good. When many women saw him, they couldn't take a step, so they stared at his muscles. Although he is too tall and too strong, men want such a size. This kind of man, must like the height above meters, the world famous model type. Lyle sat there and said to himself, "I didn't expect him to be hooked by you. You are really capable." "Are you finished?" She rolled her eyes. "He didn't say he loved me. We're not friends, okay?" "Oh, I see.". In fact, such a height difference is acceptable, and you are not too short. If it's not, it's not. Lyle suddenly became interested and stretched his neck. He looked at her face with foxy eyes, as if he wanted to see a slight change in her face. "What type do you like?" Chapter 201 add another member. Roll your eyes,plastic pallet suppliers, well, in order to get rid of this annoying thing. "Now is not the time to talk about feelings. If I don't know who I am and where I come from, I won't think about other issues." "Then you'll never know, and you'll always be like this?" Lyle asked. Really a little annoyed, want to say "you take care of yourself first", but say so,plastic pallet manufacturer, may hurt Lyle's heart. She took a deep breath, steadied herself, and warned, "I'm going to fall out." "All right, all right, no more." Lyle's EQ is not low, and he helped her add water with a smile. Raise one's head: "Hey, say what to come what." He saw Andre and Illusion coming in from the outside with Elfa. Elfa is still the same, wearing dark camouflage pants and an undershirt, making him look like a six-man. I haven't seen her for some time, but she still sat on the cushion and didn't get up at all. "Are you here?" She said lightly. Elfa stood there and replied, "Yes." "Sit down first and have tea." Illusion pulled Elfa to sit on the opposite side and began to explain: "Elfa's skill is very bad at the beginning, plastic pallet crates ,secondary containment pallet, and it needs to be improved before it can be wielded.". So I brought him here, and you don't object, do you? She took a sip from her glass and smiled. "With a navigator like you, he will get through the first difficulties." "Then can I stay?" Illusion blinked its eyes. Charlie and Amanda returned at the same time. They're all back. She stood up. "It's time for dinner, too. Let's talk while we eat." This drumstick is mine. I got it first, several chicken legs, why do you have to rob me. Lyle grabbed the drumstick with Fantasy again, and it became lively under the table: "Because you are thinner …" Last time I said I was bigger, this time I said I was thinner, next time I say I look better, don't give it. Elfa sat there and watched. Although he is not a person who puts everything on his face, he must be a little surprised to see his navigator follow the puppet to grab chicken legs. After looking at her, Andre said to Elfa, "Don't worry about it. They usually do." "Only when there is competition can there be progress. Let them make trouble and we'll just eat." Amanda was already working on her hands and eating oil all over her face. Do you know all the people here? "Amanda," she introduced. "Well, hello!" Amanda chewed and held out her hand to Elfa. Feeling that her hand was greasy, she shrank back sheepishly, wiped a few handfuls on the leather vest, and then held it out. Elfa could only shake hands: "Nice to meet you." I took a look at Amanda's Marquette, which had a heavy metal rock suit. Don't be shocked by Amanda's beautiful appearance. After a long time of contact, you will know that she is a very straightforward person. What she said made Amanda laugh.
"Haha ~" Amanda took half of the lamb rib in her hand and pointed at her, laughing so hard that she could see the root of shredded meat stuffed in the back socket and teeth. "You have a good eye. I just like you." "My name is Charlie." Charlie introduced himself politely and held out his hand. After shaking hands, I didn't feel right. It was greasy. Maybe it was the oil on Amanda's hand just now. After a meeting, I took the paper to wipe it secretly with a wry smile. You should know everything else. And this one! She introduced Lyle: "Lyle who almost became a master." Lyle stood up and shook hands with Elfa. "The master became a puppet before he got there." Elfa should also know something about Lyle, after all, it was so sensational that he still greeted him politely: "Hello." "So he can stay?" Asked the illusion. Now everyone looked at her. She finished what she had in her mouth and said slowly, "This is not my place. Someone has acquiesced." There are more chairs at the table today, and it's clear that Master Allen already knows. Great. Welcome aboard. Fantasy is very happy, everyone is very happy, and there are more members. "Well, is it true that you like him?" All of a sudden, Amanda came out with this, which made the atmosphere wrong again. "Charlie covered his forehead, shifted his attention and quickly explained:" You don't care, she is like this, words never think through the brain. "Who doesn't think? Don't you want to know about it?" Amanda's got a stiff tongue. Elfa looked at Amanda quietly and said, "If you tell me why you are dressed like this, I will tell you." Black head, the side of the head is shaved short,ibc spill containment pallet, as short as a man's inch board brush, while the other half is slightly raised after being left long, and the top of the cockscomb is dyed golden. Anyone who sees Amanda for the first time will probably jump.