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Iceberg Demon Kisser - Posted By Fumodotoji (fumodotoji) on 5th Dec 22 at 3:24am
Just as the fat man approached me and was extending the pig's feet to me, I narrowed my eyes, reached over the fat man's feet, hit his beer belly hard with my knee, and then straightened my foot to kick his manhood. Suddenly he let go of his pig's feet, stepped back a step or two, turned around quickly, and kicked him hard in the face. The fat man gave a cry of pain and fell to the ground. I disdained to stare at him, "hum", two hands clapped, said: "Big abnormal fat uncle, grow up like this also dare to come out to scare people. Cut, don't get out quickly, believe me or not, I'll kick you a few more feet! I raised my fist in protest, thinking that he would roll and crawl away in fright, but I didn't expect to laugh instead: "Ha ha ha, and energetic, really strong."? Nice girl. I like her. Then he got up from the ground and came to me with a wretched smile and eyes. Chapter 3 of the main text first encounter with the devil. Chapter Words: 3031 Updated: 08-12-27 13:04 God damn it! Is this uncle a pervert? It seems that he won't leave without some color. Thinking about it, I rushed forward and punched him, but he dodged it. Hateful! I swung it again, and he dodged it again, and he almost caught me. After a few times like this,tube lip gloss, I have almost no patience, no physical strength, and the chances of hitting are getting smaller and smaller. The fat man still had a disgusting smile on his face, as if, as if he was still drooling! My God, that's disgusting! He doesn't look tired at all. Still happy to block my fist, and there is a tendency to move forward step by step. I stepped back and slowly became defensive rather than offensive. If it goes on like this, I will be finished! I'm more and more convinced that this fat man is a pervert! And it's a cosmic thunderbolt invincible pervert!!! Don't people say that fat people have less vital capacity? Why does this fat man have so much vital capacity? He is not tired at all! Sure enough,empty cosmetic tubes, in a short time I had retreated to the trunk, I did down, the heart more and more afraid. 5555555555555555555…… My prince charming, how can I be so bad! Not my prince, but a big toad! God, I want to cut you to pieces! (God: Achoo! Khan, who scolded me?) Looking at the fat man getting closer and closer, looking at the obscene face approaching me, looking at the pig's feet stretching out to me, thinking that I would be insulted soon, a burst of grievance in my heart, tears flowed out, I closed my eyes, afraid to have forgotten to guard against and resist. I shouted "Mom, Mom" desperately in my heart, hoping that my mother would appear at this time and protect me. Although I know it's in vain, plastic cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packaging tube, I just like to think about unrealistic things. It seemed that after a minute, nothing happened around me. I was wondering when suddenly a cold male voice rang out: "It's all right, you can get up." I opened my eyes in horror and looked up at the uninvited guest who did not know when to appear. I was shocked and stared at the man in front of me. He was 1.82 meters tall, tall and strong, with a white and clean shirt on his upper body, a black tie tied with a knot in front of his chest, and his hands were naturally inserted in his trousers. Firm and good-looking outline, two thin lips gently pursed, a pair of wide dark sunglasses covered the eyes. The black earrings were hidden in the hair, looming and shining. Her amber hair glowed mysteriously in the sunlight. The bangs covered one side of the thick black eyebrows. This is, this is, this is.. Super beautiful man! This is, this is, this is.. The beauty of the world! I have never seen a face that is as handsome, domineering and.. Evil spirit! However, this face is so beautiful that people can't help looking at it more! Handsome boy, handsome boy! God, you are so good to me, I really want to kill you, ha ha, I will give you a lot of incense! (Author: I don't know who just said that God would be cut to pieces.
~) (God: Sneezy, depressed! It's so cold. Didn't someone scold me that I have a cold? Time: Tick tock, tick tock. It's been 10 minutes. Tick tock, tick tock.. I suddenly reflected that I had been staring at this person for a long time, and then I was embarrassed to lower my head and let the blush fly to my cheeks. Finished, lost face, has been looking at others, people must regard me as a woman, my beautiful image! Just as I was wondering how to break the silence and leave, the nameless object above seemed to laugh secretly, and then said in the same cold voice, "Hey, can you get up?" I looked up again and saw that he had reached out a hand in front of me. I put my hand on it and got up. Patting the grass on the buttocks, I caught a glimpse of the toad who had fainted on the ground at the moment, and suddenly remembered what had just happened. I was so angry that I came up and kicked the fat man in the stomach. Then I looked up and was about to thank the beautiful man when I found his hand in front of me again, with a handkerchief in his palm. I looked at him in puzzlement. "Take it and wipe your saliva," he said coldly. A few simple words have made me shy and angry!!! Hateful! This is not a handsome man! It's the devil! How dare you insult me like that! I endure! I endure! I must endure!!! I reached for my handkerchief, stared at him grumpily, and said, "Thank-thank!" Then I don't know if I was dazzled, but in a trance, I saw a smile at the corners of his mouth, very light, very light, flashed by. I was stunned again, but I soon realized it again. Hateful! How can this demon laugh? It must be the after-effects of my shock! Yes! It must be so! I put my handkerchief straight into my pocket, then remembered something and reluctantly said, "And, just now, thank you." The demon's face was obviously stunned, and soon it was reflected again. Cut,custom cosmetic packing, you will be in a daze, I thought secretly, a snicker in my heart.